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 ›  The training course about the TEACCH method for teachers
   Cập nhật ngày : 10 / 28 / 2015

In order to improve the specialized qualification for the teachers as well as create the condition for them access to the modern teaching method. The Friendship Village organized the training course for its teachers with the subject: “Applying the TEACCH method on teaching the children with autism and disability” from August 10th 2015 to August 13th 2015

The training course had the encouragement participation of the board of directors, the leaders of the rooms and departments, and especially included all teachers, house – mothers, physiotherapists and the foreign volunteers who concerned this new teaching method. The learners were guided and taught in enthusiast and detail by teacher Nguyen Thi Hoa – Master of Special Education and teacher Do Thi Thao – The Doctor of Special Education from the Faculty of the Special Education of Hanoi University of Teachers’ training. These are two first experts who have researched and applied this TEACCH method on teaching the children with autism and intellectual retarded disability in Vietnam.

In the first two days of training course, the teachers are learnt the basic knowledge about access to the method of TEACCH and other lessons which relate to the method of TEACCH. In which, the most important content is to design the learning corner according to the each subject and the activities were showed with pictures in order, to design the space for the class, to arrange the sets of the schooling materials which are appropriate to each child and the children can learn these materials under the supervision of teachers. Other next two days, the learners discussed the subjects in groups and prepared the schooling materials which are suitable to pupils in the different classes.  The sets of schooling materials were designed by learners which showed the creation in the different subjects: motion action, mathematics, Vietnamese….Then six groups of learners have chances to experience and make the practical teaching with the made – schooling materials among together and used them to directly teach the children for the next day.

At the end of the training course, all learners mastered the basic theory of the method “TEACCH”.  All learners directly taught children in 6 special education classes and are evaluated about results of their teachings in detail and objectively by the learners and teaching experts.

With the knowledge and experience gained, the teachers will continue to make the sets of the schooling materials which are appropriate to teachers’ classes and use them in science and system to bring in to play the independence of the pupils.

October 27th 2015

The special education teacher Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen – the Center of Education and Vocational Training

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