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 › The gained result of Vietnam Friendship Village in the past 10 years
   Cập nhật ngày : 1 / 15 / 2009

The achievements of the past 10 years are reflected the ceaseless efforts of International Committee for Friendship Village, Veterans Association of Vietnam and all staff of the Village.

With more than two-million –US dollar support of National Committees the project Vietnam Friendship Village has been completed. From the sunken land of mushroom field about 3 hectares in Van Canh Commune, Hoai Duc District, Ha Tay Province, now it becomes the village with full of houses, refectory, library, hall, classrooms, vocational training class, working house, health centre, playground, vegetable garden, fish pond, … with about 10,000m2 for over 200 people in the fresh and clean community with sufficient working and home comforts.

From the beginning of establishing the village, there are only 15 people (6 veterans and 9 children) and gradually increase up every year. Today the village has 160 people (40 veterans and 120 children).

In 10 years, the Village has got about 2,000 people including veterans, young volunteers in war – the victims of Agent Orange from Quang Binh to Northern Provinces to take care and treat their health. After 2 months treating by the combination of Western and Oriental medicine, the diseases gradually become stable, average person increases from 1 – 3 kilograms, particularly some people increase 9 kilograms.

In addition material life, spiritual life of veterans is also improved. They witness ceaseless renovation of capital, country; visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleums and Museum, Army History Museum, etc. They also join culture, sport, performance and exchange activities in the Village and in the society to raise their confidence and optimism.

In ten years, the village has got about 500 children from 34 provinces and cities of Quang Nam, Da Nang to the North (the time of each child at the village is from 2 to 3 years). Because of  late effects of Agent Orange/dioxin, children are suffered from various diseases such as exercising malformation, myasthenia, sense malformation, etc; but many of them suffer from mental disabilities.

Children are taken care, educated and taught jobs according to their ability as office informatics, embroidery, industrial sewing, silk flower making. Up to now there are tens of children are working in sewing shops and making silk flower to support themselves.

About special education with the support of German National Committee and whole-hearted help of experts from DED, special education classes for children in the village have basically improved both quantity and quality.

Now, from 1 special education class, the village has 5 classes with sufficient infrastructure and equipment for teaching and learning with teachers graduating from colleges and universities – they help children develop about intellectual faculty, first of all, about creating the habit of serving themselves.

For some children having ability to learn the program of general education, the village holds children to study at schools outside the village. Nowadays, there are 3 children studying in 7th, 8th grade at the high school, 7 childen studying in the different classes at Xuan Phuong primary school, Tuliem district and 3 children studying an international computer program at Aptech center – University of technology. More specially, 1 student entered press department of Hanoi National University in 2007.

In addition, we attach importance to the work of caring and medical treatment especially rehabilitation. We upgraded a small Clinic to a medical building with adequate modern equipment in order to improve effect of caring and medical treatment for veterans and children. In the future, the village will treat for people outsides. The village sent 22 children to upper-level hospital for orthopedic surgery making them easy to walk although they could not move or move difficulty.

Since 2005, rehabilitation of the village has improved remarkably with the help of medical experts from DED about physiotherapy. The staff has learned 2 Western therapeutic methods, “Bobath and Vojta” and applied effectively the rehabilitation practice for children. Many children have markedly changed.

Enhancing the above achievements to expand to surrounding community, with the agreement of Central Vietnam Veterans Association and International Committee, Vietnam Friendship Village has opened free of charge consulting office to diagnose early and treat rehabilitation for newborn babies, retarded children in the outside of village in order to help their parents have treatment and practice method to achieve much effect when children were young.

Now, the Village has consulted and treated free of charge for 90 children in Hanoi, Ha Tay Provinces and some provinces such as Son La, Thanh Hoa, Thai Binh and Ho Chi Minh city.

Furthermore, the village has actively coordinated with the health centre of district to hold 6 training courses about these 2 methods for medical staff of communes in Hoai Duc, Quoc Oai, Dan Phuong district in Ha Tay province and Quynh Phu in Thai Binh Province.

Thanks to effective activities of Vietnam Friendship Village in terms of caring veterans and children, more and more local and foreign organizations and individuals come to the Friendship Village for visiting and making multifaceted spirit as well as material assistance. From 2005 until now, there are 1,000 foreign visitors from 60 countries with different olds and jobs in over the world visiting the village. Of which there include officials, scientists, enterprises, veterans, journalists and students, etc. Moreover, apart from local delegations, there are hundreds of students from universities and colleges coming to the village for the exchange of music, sports and other activities.

More especially, the village took its honor to receive General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh, Vice President Truong My Hoa, vice president Nguyen Thi Doan and Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem for their visiting and encouraging to the village.

Besides, Belgium National Defence Minister Mr.Andre Flahaut had twice visited the village. Recently, Minister of New Zealand Veterans Ministry Mr.Hon Riek Baker and Mr.Hon Rr.E.N. Tjiriange, Minister of Namibia Veterans paid the visit to the village.

In December 2003, the Friendship Village was awarded of rehabilitation by World Veterans  Federation (WVF) on the occasion of its 24th conference in Sohannesburg, South Africa.

In June 2005, its VAC project won the special award (worth 10,000USD) funded by Canadian Fund in competition named “Vietnamese creative day” sponsored by the World Bank in Daewoo Hotel.

The Village has received  the Central Veterans Association’s certificate of merit for many years. It has also received the standard-bearing unit in competivive movements of Vietnam Veterans Association for 3 continuous years.

With the effectiveness evaluation  of the Friendship Village  in taking care, helping veterans and children effected by Agent Orange/Dioxin and on the occasion  of 10th anniversary  of founding the Friendship Village, Vietnam Friendship Village, March 18th 2008, was honourably awarded the second –rate labour medal.                


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