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 › The history of foundation and development of Vietnam Friendship Village
   Cập nhật ngày : 2 / 21 / 2009

The Vietnam Friendship Village was developed from the desire of former opponents with wrong thoughts and things in Vietnam and now they want to cooperate to help victims in the war to reduce their pains. That is suitable to the opinions of the Vietnamese Party and Government that is closing the past, abandoning animosity and orienting to the future

That desire was supported by dedicated people from different nations

Their cooperation in humanitarian affairs contributes to overcoming the consequences of the war and deepens the relationship between different peoples.

This cooperation is linked with the vision that people can change something with personal commitment. One of the founders of the project, George Mizo, expressed it with the following words: “You can make a difference”.

In 1988, George Mizo-an American Vietnam war veteran, came back Vietnam for the first time after 13 years after war. He had desire of building a symbol of cooperation and reconciliation, friendship. In the 1st discussions with the peace Committee of Vietnam, his initiative was warmly welcome.

Also in 1989, George Mizo and Georges Doussin, President of Association Republicaine d’ Ànciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre (ARAC), Republican Association of Retired veterans and Victims of War met with Phan Binh, the ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, at the Vietnamese embassy in Paris. Together they deliberated on the foundation of a project in aid of Vietnamese children and veterans. The idea for the Vietnam Friendship Village had developed.

In October 1990, the International Group of Supporters was founded in Paris-France. At that time it consisted of George Mizo, Georges Doussin (ARAC), Len Aldis (British Vietnam Association) and Takeo Yamanchi (Japanese Peace Association).

In November 1990, this International Committee resolved upon the building of the Village in Vietnam. George Mizo was elected president, Georges Doussin – vice-president and Nguyen Phuc Ky-cashier. In April 1992, the project was named “Vietnam Friendship Village”.

In 1993 the decision was made that dedicated people from German, England, France, Japan, Vietnam and the USA should work together in the International Committee for the Vietnam Friendship Village. Each country of those has a committee for the Vietnam Friendship Village. Mr.George Mizo was elected the first president of the Vietnam Friendship Village. And in 2004, there was a group of supporter for the Village in Canada; since then Canadian Committee was set up and became the 7th member of the International Committee for the Friendship Village.

The function and duty of the International Committee for the Vietnam Friendship Village is to design the village’s emphasis in content according to the agreements in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and to acquire financial and material support to guaranttee the maintenance and further development of the activities in the Village. Vietnamese Committee under the Veterans Association of Vietnam supports and takes responsibility for the work in the Vietnam Friendship Village.

In 1993 the Vietnam Veterans Association started the building of the Vietnam Friendship Village in the field near the 70 road (Ha Dong - Nhon) of Van Canh commune, Hoai Duc district, Hatay province with the approval of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, far from Hanoi Centre about 15 kilometers.

On March 18th, 1998, the first 6 veterans and 9 children were taken in. So far, the Friendship Village is now 10 years old and the annual March 18th is considered  as the traditional day of the Village.

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Lễ kỷ niệm 20 năm ngày thành lập (18/3/1998-18/3/2
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